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Radagast is Agustín Aristarán

Born in comedy and magic, and raised in the world of music and the Internet, Radagast matured and grew to become an eclectic and original artist. From street and theater and children’s music, he went on to gain international recognition and over 1.500.000 followers on social media.

He’s the creator and host of #SoyRadaShowLive and he took part in the “Which Hand Is It In?” show, both of them on Telefé, where he’s considered to be one of the stars of the network. He’s also the host of “It’s Columbus’s Fault”, which plays across all of Latin America on Comedy Central, the most important comedy channel worldwide.

Radagast was a speaker during the latest edition of TedxYouth Río de la Plata. He was also part of the 2017 Lollapalooza festival, which inspired him to start a new project that combines music and comedy: Radagast and the Colibriquis.

His comedy stand-up show is now available on Netflix.

On April 6th 2018, he bade farewell SOYRADAGAST, with a SOLD OUT show at the GRAN REX Theater, after gathering over 50 thousand spectators during its more than 90 shows through the years 2016 and 2017. It had a permanent spot at the prestigious Metropolitan Sura Theater on Corrientes street and at some of the most important theaters across Argentina and Latin America.

The film where he played ALEJANDRO; RE LOCA film, was premiered in July, 2018 and was seen by more than half a million people. The main cast was composed by the well-known actors Natalia Oreiro and Diego Torres.

In September 7th, he premiered his new show “SERENDIPIA, the musical” at the Metropolitan Sura. The play will run every Friday and Sturday until the end of the year.

In October he is launching his Late Night Show “RADAHOUSE”. The show will feature celebrity guests interviews, conversations and good live music.


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